You Are Loved by Everyone and Everything II

Table top installation (sound + modelling clay and other magical materials sculptures)



Centre Clark/Poste Audio// Montréal, Canada


During the summer of 2019, I spoke with my conscience. She told me her name was Monik. She was hidden under a rock, floating on a flimsy little spider web hanging over a small body of water that looked like a microscopic ocean. Monik spoke to me in English and revealed three important things about me that I will never forget. When I least expect it, she sometimes comes to visit me in the shape of a smiley face hidden within my surroundings, and often when I’m in the shower.

A mysterious ambient sound made up of low frequencies can be heard around this mini table installation. Its source is a recording captured by a microphone placed under the rock where Monik first appeared to me. The sound fills the void between the different modeling clay elements by establishing contact with the sacred.