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Every Little Thing is Connected to Something Bigger (Much Bigger Than the Universe)


Titanik Galleria, Turku, Finland

A thought about past time.

Transformation of memories.

Everything is now different from what it was.

Everything is now imperfect.


Silent video





A 21 seconds video shot from the window of my apartment in Turku is transformed into 12 clips of the same duration.

Each clip explores a detail of the original.

By changing the scale, by zooming into the image, it is as if it was almost possible to reach the molecular level.

Dancing colored energy particles are now revealed.


There is abstraction of reality.

A bit like a hallucination: If I start staring for a while at the roof tiles, suddenly something happens.

They begin to oscillate, to sparkle, to vibrate.

To live a life of their own.


I like the idea of pushing a medium or a technology over its own limitations.

It is the imperfections, the glitches that occur that become interesting.

As if the images had some other realities to show, some sort of digital ghost.

Every Little Thing is Connected to Something Bigger (Much Bigger Than the Universe)

Sound installation




In this sound installation, I use sounds recorded during a crazy expedition with a special friend of mine into an abandoned tunnel in Pasila, 


Since these sounds have been processed in order to get very low frequencies, what used to be footsteps in rocks and water dripping is now unrecognizable.

They have been abstracted in some ways.


It is as if that specific memory would have been transformed/distorted by the passage of time.

Only details remain.

Sound traces.

But still, everything is in there.

The energy of that specific moment.

In the sounds, our presence is still there.


As if memories of that specific moment were re-called or transmitted through these vibrating everyday objects.


Like some sort of ghost memories, I would say.

Re-collection I

Found objects



Leaves and seeds from the gallery space.

Pieces that look like white rocks that come from the walls of the room where you are right now.

Chaga mushroom chunks collected from a forest in Finland by my friend, the same friend with whom I went into the abandoned tunnel in Pasila.

A plastic squirrel a friend gave me in Montreal during a party we had 2 weeks before I came to Finland.

A photo aluminum print of an unknown young boy from my apartment in Turku.

A piece of paper I kept in my coat pocket that I crumpled up to evacuate my stress during my trip to Finland.

Some flowers my fiancé sent me for my birthday.

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