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As a New Skin Grows

Your Body

Slowly Reabsorbs

The Fluid(s)



In situ installation in an old bunker located on the island of Örö, Finland





Silence (except for the sounds coming from the wind and the sea and for the occasional Finnish army military training in the sea that causes sounds of explosion).

Found objects, sculptures made from clay and modelling clay, 2 drops of passionflower tincture, 2 glasses, 2 tea spoons, drawings made using charcoal found on the beach, neons that sometimes gives a yellow hue to some of the elements, a bone found on the beach (that hopefully is not human), fishbone, golden bead, tiny gear, milk, branches, found plastic ribbon, flashlight, rock, bike reflector, prints, nectarine net, old wire covered in rubber found somewhere on the island, charcoal, icecicles, Finnish bread clip dated from July 14 2022, black thread taken from one of my t-shirts.



You said you died several times

While I only managed to mildly die once


But It helped me to forget about Fear


While my body was expanding from all the love and warmth it has generated


I was reminded about my living state


Filled with blissful joy I cried again and again


It felt as the most satisfying thing I had done in my entire life



Thanks, kiitos, merci : 


Pierre (Monsieur Poulpe) for his loving support

Tuomas for his cosmic brotherhood and the crazy adventures

Matisse for our cosmic Kiki connection

Monik for her guidance


Antti, Atte, Jerry (and every beautiful people of his commune), Laukkis, Mikko, Niina, Sara, Tatu, Teemu, Rasmus and Suvi for the cosmic Gigi connection


The Unexpected Cyclist and the Legendary Kaakkuri from Nuuksio for simply existing


Ores residency

Örö staff



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