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Sacred Space #1 : Healing Machine for a Plant v.1 (studio version) 


  • 285 + 283 Hz Sine waves generated by 2 VCOs

  • A Shipibo tapestry

  • Mucuna Pruriens powder

  • Peganum Harmala seeds

  • 5 very soft sea polished pebbles that were given to me by a dear friend of mine

  • A smiling handmade candle 

  • A clay branch that has a small hand, a snake head and a smiley face

  • An old pizza dough ball I couldn't get rid of because it looked like a small head and I got emotionally attached to it

  • A sick plant with a pile of its dead leaves

  • An old radiator from my house

  • A video in which a hand removes organic materials from the ground of a forest in Ii, Finland

Created for the research project « Vers une esthétique de l’onde sinusoïdale ».

With the financial support of FRQ-SC.

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