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The Unexpected Cyclist

Premiered by Ensemble SuperMusique on April 26th 2023.

Piece starts at 40:14

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Les chants de l'Amanite
A piece for Table de Babel.

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Griche, le podcast #19
An interview with Moshi Moshi hosted by Sylvain Aubé
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Pirate Bloc Radio
An interview with Emilie Payeur hosted by Malte Leander
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Vidéos-émeraude 1: Diane Labrosse, Wondeur Brass, It's Insane (1985)

Arrangement Lori Freedman (2020)

Lori Freedman : bass clarinet, percussion, voice
Julie Houle : tuba, percussion
Elizabeth Lima : voice, percussion
Émilie Payeur : electronics, percussion, voice

No Hay Banda #14 
Sala Rossa, Montreal, CA 
September 30 2019
Blueberries, lingonberries and magic...
A free-improvisation performance, Galleria Harmaja, Pikisaari, Oulu, Finland,
August 25th 2019.
Live at Akusmata (Helsinki)

Solo performance
Collab with :

August 14 2019 

At Shiro Oni Studio...
A short video showing my work with Charlotte Clermont during an artist in residency program in Oniishi, Japan.
September 2018
Ok Là
Live with Pierre Paré-Blais
Montreal, CA
August 2018
Live with Projet K + Éditions OMRI
Soirée Karaoke-Poésie
Atelier Tak (Montréal) 
October 2017


25 ans de musiques nouvelles


Live with Dead Squirrels


Gesu (Montréal)


February 2017

Le Jardin des Morts

(original music and sound effects)

A movie by Benjamin Gueguen


October 2016

Kohlenstoff Records Event

Skol (Montréal)


October 2016

Lancement de l'album Deadline


GHAM et DAFE (Montréal)


April 2016 

Ah Zut, Désolé!


Live with Alain Lefebvre and Pierre Paré Blais (16mm projection).


Danger Music II (Bar Pub Saint-Denis, Montréal)


July 23rd 2015

Music for a Toaster


This is a sound performance in which people from the audience are asked to chose what they want to eat on their toast. Their choices influence what I do.


Recorded live on March 2nd at the Sala Rossa's Restaurant during a show organized by Montreal based artists collective and label Kohlenstoff Records.

La Lechuga


December 11th 2014 (Conservatoire de musique de Montreal)

Music by Ana Dall'Ara Majek 


Performance in which we use lettuce heads as a musical instrument...


Procession I


September 18th 2014 (Centre des arts actuels Skol Montreal)



November 16th 2013 (RIDM | Centre Phi | Montreal)




(Manon Oligny|Mandala Sitù) 

Original music, 2011

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