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A Walking Mind Entering a Psychic Energy Machine-Generator Sometimes Used as a Sanctuary for Shy Snakes

Found objects from the residency and from nature, snake skin, clay, modeling clay, little bells, blue lotus, milk for the snakes, drawings (oil pastel and charcoal collected from the beach), snakes (if they are not too shy to go inside and visit)
Örö island, Finland
(6" Ammunition depot building)

In July 2022, during the time of my residency, I met the snakes of the island. First I was a bit scared (I think they were scared too, judging by the look on their face). But after a couple of unexpected meetings we developed a special kind of relationship, almost mystical. The installation is dedicated to them and they are free to enter and explore the space if they want to. The work also explores my fascination for the unconscious mind. I tried as much as possible to create the different elements freely, in a spontaneous way so that they would come directly from it. I was inspired by what Carl Jung said about the symbolism of snakes: “They are as enigmatic and frightening as the unconscious, so, since time immemorial, man has protected himself against them, as he has done against the unconscious.“

Pouring milk for the snakes on the opening day.

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