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Electroacoustic Music

[Des] équilibres (2012)

8' 30''


In the context of this piece I tried to explore the notion of imbalance based on how it manifests itself in art and adapting it to acousmatic music.

All-Over (2012)


All-Over is part of a suite of pieces inspired by the techniques and concepts used in visual arts. This piece explores the technique of the All-Over found in some abstract expressionist paintings

Point à la ligne (2011)



Point à la ligne is an attempt to compose an electroacoustic work using only its basic elements : impulse and sine, in other words, short and long sounds. Concret type sounds that have a similar behavior are also used. 

Matière/Vide (2011)


This study explores the opposition between elements and emptiness, sounds and silence and is inspired by my own painting techniques in which abstract elements are laid-out against a blank canvas.

[Des] placements (2011)



In this work, I first wanted to explore the possibilities of occupation of the stereophonic space by sound elements. This space is compared to the pictorial space of a painting, that is to say left, right, center, depth and all the possible variants. 

Accumulation/Abstraction (2011)


An endless abstraction of a recording of people walking in a large space. 

Triptyque (2010)


An attempt at exploring architecture and structure within my music. It has a classical A B A’ structure. Like in an abstract painting, textures are particularly important.

Etude Claire et Nette (2009)


I have always been fascinated by the simplicity and the effectiveness of the Parmegiani’s writing style. This is what I wanted to explore in Etude Claire et Nette. Mostly only based on clarinet sound takes, this work is clearly influenced by the 60’s electroacoustic style.

Bruits de Sons (2009)



Landslides between abstraction and figurativism.

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