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Acrylic and graphite on Mylar

24 x 36





Isn't she Pretty...


Acrylic and graphite on Mylar

11 x 17



An growing collection of napkins left by clients...


In collaboration with Laurence Gagnon


Nothing on a Sheet of Paper


14 sheets of paper (81/2 x 11) 

Printed while moving the sheet being scanned


Inkjet print



A performance in which I ask people to look around them with a spyglass and tell me what they see.



China ink on Mylar

20 x 51/2


I Dropped the Pencil 100 Times


Graphite on Duralar

17 x 11


Counting up to 10


9 Letraset numbers scattered on a wall

Variable dimensions


April 2015

Cheap Slut


A US 1$ bill placed in a crack in a wall

Variable dimensions


April 2015


14 Sheets of paper (8 1/2 x 11)

Black and white injet prints


April 2015

In a Couple of Years All These People Will Be Dead


Acrylic and graphite on matte Dura-Lar

18 x 24

February 2015



I just want to make sure I am still here...


In the Still Alive Project I will verify and take note every single day that I am still alive. 

Still Alive Project

Man #1

January 2015

Acrylic on unmounted canvas

12 x 9

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