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About me

In addition to being an apprentice herbalist, Émilie Payeur is also a multidisciplinary artist mainly active in experimental music, installation and video. Even though she officially begins her herbal studies at the beginning of 2020 at FloraMedicina, she has been interested and has already been learning about the magic of plants for many years. It is through a process of personal healing that she becomes aware of the power of plants and decides to begin this journey. She quickly realizes that her two practices are linked by the desire to help others through a sacred experience.

About Nuage

wanted to start Nuage right now in order to put my knowledge into action, to gain experience and to allow people to rediscover their magic. You will be able to see, over time, the developments of this adventure and also benefit from it. I have lots of ideas that I want to achieve, lots of avenues that I want to explore and I will be more than happy to share my knowledge and my discoveries with you.

I am also interested in the unconscious, shadow work, rituals, lucid dreaming, psychedelics, entheogens, psychosomatization, floral and mushroom essences, sound meditation and mindfulness. I want to eventually incorporate these knowledges into my practice.


Smoking Blends


It’s a come back to the original function of smoking plants that I want to promote. Traditionally, it was for spiritual purposes and as part of rituals that people smoked herbs. Through the action of smoking, it was possible for them to connect with the sacred world. Unfortunately over time, the commercialization and popularization of tobacco quickly made the act of smoking commonplace, stripping it of its essence and original role. Nuage wants to make people aware of a more profitable and respectful use of smoking blends and to introduce them to other possibilities than the traditional tobacco or cannabis.

Smoking herbs is a different way of consuming them, getting their benefits.


Plan a time to relax, unwind, refocus and connect with the essence of herbs.


Find your inner magic.

All blends do not contain tobacco, cannabis or nicotine and the herbs that go into their composition are certified organic.The tubes used are made of unbleached paper and are fully biodegradable.


Cirrus:  Sage, lavender, coltsfoot and skullcap

A mixture which predisposes to draw wisdom from the experiences of our life while bringing comfort. Perfect for hypersensitive people who need gentleness or those experiencing symbolic or real grief. Try it before meditating!


Cumulus : Raspberry leaves, rosemary, cardamom, tulsi, damiana


A blend that allows you to refocus while sharpening the mind.















Price list


☁Pre-rolled cigarettes☁
15 $ Regular pack (15 cigarettes)
7.50 $ Trial pack (5 cigarettes) 


Half and half pack + 1 mystery blend cigarette

15 $ Pack of 15 cigarettes 


☁Loose leaf smoking blend☁

12 $ (bag of 25g ) makes about 25 cigarettes   

** Do not use if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or if you are allergic to any of the plants contained in the mixture. Consult your doctor before using if you have any medical condition.

***Even though smoking herbs are less harmful to health than cigarettes, moderate use is still recommended.***


Herbal consultations

Reconnect to yourself through plants.

While looking for ways to heal what cannot be healed in a conventional way, the idea came to me to offer herbal consultations for spiritual / wellness / emotional support. I see that more and more of us are looking for ways to take care of ourselves and for me, one of the answers lies in working with sacred plants. They are a tool that can assist us in various aspects of our life. These plants transform us by permeating us, by working within us, with us, by guiding us and by teaching us.


During these meetings (phone / video / e-mail exchange / other / and one day, in person) it may be question, for example, of your past, present and future. I could ask you: What are your intentions for the coming month? Do you have recurring symptoms? Do you take medication ? Do you have emotional blockages? These avenues for reflection will help me determine which plant (s) suit you best. Then, I will develop a personalized blend (infusion or tincture) to integrate into your routine, your rituals and / or recommendations that


I will send you by email within 48 hours after the meeting.

My approach is intuitive and empathetic and focuses on returning both body and emotional heart to balance by seeking to go back to the source of the problem. At the moment, I specialize on anxiety, stress, mood, PMS, insomnia, and digestion issues. But I can certainly help you find solutions for other problems as well. Do not hesitate to contact me.


Price list 



☁ 1h consultation ☁ :  30$

☁Email consultation☁ : 25 $  


☁1h Intention consultation☁ : 40 $

Includes a 25 ml bottle of personalized tincture (plant compounds extracted in alcohol)

* Although plants have great therapeutic potential, herbal consultations do not replace a visit to a doctor when necessary. Also, please note that herbalists are not allowed to make a diagnosis. *

**The price of the services will increase during my training**












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